Bettr Values

Small businesses with a focus on transparency, sustainability and ethics are the beating heart of Shop Bettr.


All brands displayed on Shop Bettr are pre-vetted through a rigorous in-house sustainability framework for our 4 Bettr Values -

1. Transparent: 100 points
2. Earth friendly: 100 points
3. People friendly: 100 points
4. Animal friendly: 100 points
   Total: 400 points

To be a brand partner with Shop Bettr, brands have to score at least 200/400 in this framework with a minimum of a passing score in Transparent and at least 1 other Bettr Value.


Shop Bettr icon - transparentAt Shop Better, we understand it as the window through which all other sustainability practices are viewed. Without transparency, consumers are unable to determine if products are made in a responsible manner and if brands are acting in line with their values.

Things we look out for:
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Sharing about makers
  • Traceability on facilities, efforts and risks
  • Collaboration on responsible sourcing
  • Consumer education on conscious consumption

Earth friendly

Shop Bettr icon - earth friendlyThis refers to being responsible for our planet Earth. The climate crisis is urgent and we are the last generation that can stop it.
We believe in putting an end to overconsumption, and in consuming in a more conscious manner - one that takes our planetary boundaries into consideration.

Things we look out for:
      • Sharing of commitment to environmental sustainability, impacts and efforts
      • Human-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
      • Water conservation
      • Wastewater treatment
      • Waste reduction
      • Investment in closed loop capabilities and product lifespan extension
      • Avoidance of hazardous processes and chemicals
      • Sustainable production of raw materials

      Find Earth friendly products here.

      People friendly

      Shop Bettr icon - people friendlyThis refers to caring for the makers of our clothing - starting from the farmers who grow our cotton right through to the sewists who stitch the seam of our shirt.
      We believe that work - under the right conditions - can empower communities, reduce inequalities and eradicate poverty.

      Things we look out for:
      • Labour standards based on SA8000 (9 key elements)
        1. Child Labor
        2. Forced or Compulsory Labor
        3. Health and Safety
        4. Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining
        5. Discrimination
        6. Disciplinary Practices
        7. Working Hours
        8. Remuneration
        9. Management System
      • Assessment of facilities
      • Sharing of risks and actions taken
      • Rights of raw material producers
      • Engagement with makers to improve working conditions
      • Living wage
      • Well-being of makers

      Find People friendly products here.

      Animal friendly

      Shop Bettr icon - animal friendlyThis refers to being kind to the animals we share our planet with.
      Animal agriculture is the second largest contributor to GHG emissions after fossil fuels and is a leading cause of deforestation, water and air pollution and biodiversity loss.
      However - in addition to the environmental arguments - animals are sentient creatures just like us, yet they are treated as units of production around factory farms all around the world.

      We believe in treating animals with respect and exploring non-animal-sourced (vegan) products when possible.

      Things we look out for:
      • Avoidance or reduction of animal-sourced materials
      • Abstinence from angora wool, fur and feathers
      • Policies on leather, wool, down, silk, and animal-based dyes

      Find Animal friendly products here.


      Got any questions / feedback about our values or brand partners? Write to us!