Chu Wong, Founder of Shop Bettr

Chu Wong

Business Strategist | Sustainability Advocate | Digital Native
Having worked on business strategy and implementation in the corporate world, Chu now focuses on solving problems and increasing efficiency in projects related to the environment and social causes. Chu specialises in sustainable fashion, with experience spanning across multiple organisations in the industry, both non- and for-profit. She is currently the founder of Shop Bettr and the Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Singapore.

You can learn more about Chu here.

Xingyun Shen, Content at Shop Bettr

Xingyun Shen

Xingyun is a fashion business graduate who advocates for a more humane fashion system. Seeking to address the importance of intersectionality when analysing fashion sustainability, she runs @noordinaryprotest as a platform to call for a shift in mindset. Her favourite time of the day is 5 pm, and her go-to fashion activity is swapping.

Vanessa Wee, Creative Intern at Shop Bettr

Vanessa Wee

Creative Intern
The sociocultural significance of the discipline is what draws Vanessa to fashion. She is an interdisciplinary artist trying to fight capitalism and the patriarchy through her work. Vanessa also attends fashion school but believes that all that fashion needs right now is people who care.

Anna Lee, Creative Intern at Shop Bettr

Anna Lee

Creative Intern
Anna believes that fashion can and should strive to be a source of empowerment and a repository for culture. She hopes for a future where garments tell artisans' stories and breathe only life into communities. She is also currently a marketing creative for a homegrown boutique, where she gets to satiate her love for pretty (and ethically sourced!) textiles all day.


Are you a software engineer excited to make the world a better place? Well, lucky you - Shop Bettr is currently on a lookout for a technical cofounder!
Shop Bettr is in the exciting FashionTech space with a social impact angle. You will help revolutionise the apparel industry, ensuring all parties in the supply chain get an equitable share through spotlighting the small businesses that do it right.

Our goal? To make the apparel industry transparent, sustainable and ethical. And we do this by making sustainable fashion so desirable and convenient that there's no reason not to shop bettr.

Some topics you would be working on:
  • Web scraping
  • Database management
  • Data analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Visual recognition
  • Project management

We’re looking for someone who not only dreams big, but also has the capability to realise those dreams. You will provide technical leadership, taking all executive decisions with regards to the technological interests of Shop Bettr, while being ready to roll your sleeves up to do the groundwork.

Please apply at this link or email us directly with the title “CTO”.

Volunteer intern
Excited to support the sustainable fashion movement or looking for experience in a dynamic environment? We have volunteer internship opportunities available.
Drop us an email with the title "Internship", and send us your skillset, CV and a description of what you are looking for.