Alexa Toga Top - Snow (Restocked)


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Our Alexa is stylish yet provides great coverage. It is slightly curved on the front to enhance bust area. Its one-sided strap is sturdy and supportive. Comes with removable paddings. Can be worn with daily outfits and even your yoga session.

Made from Econyl, regenerated nylon fabric. (Recycled fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic from landfills and oceans all over the world)
Every piece is delicately handmade in Bali, Indonesia.
Comes in Snow (White), Ebony (Black) and Salthouse (Blue)

Fits true to size.

Bettr Values
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Align Swim uses ECONYL® fabric, made from recycled materials from landfills and the ocean. Their packaging boxes and pouches are also designed to be reused for storage functions, while their swimwear pouches are also made from low-impact linen fabric, and are meant to be repurposed!

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Align Swim imports their fabric from Italy and their pieces are ethically manufactured in Indonesia. All pieces are designed in Singapore.

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