Batik Headband with Wire


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Multi-purpose headband with wire for quick dress-up for a video call or to accessorise when heading out. Made from off-cut hand-stamped batik, this is also a perfect gift wrap idea.
Size: Approximately 84 x 3 cm.

All other available designs can be seen as shown in the image when selecting "Assorted" tab. Kindly indicate your preference in the comments which designs you prefer by clicking "Add a note to your order" in the shopping cart before checkout.

We will try our best to fulfil them. We apologise should we be unable to fulfil requests for specific colours/patterns. If there is no specific request, we will send you a random design. Feel free to contact us to confirm the availability of the design of your choice before you make your purchase.

Bettr Values
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aNERDstore ensures their creations are made using fabrics that are original creations of the traditional methods: handstamped (batik cap) or hand-drawn (batik tulis) so that their customers benefits from having long-lasting quality pieces. Because real Batik does not fade; it ages gracefully.

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Committed to ethical practices and responsible consumption, aNERDstore works with textile artists and clothiers across Java, Indonesia, to help hone their skills while systematically encouraging sustainable practices in the long run.

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