Lestari Wrap Dress Salmon on Grey Floral


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This is the dress that you can, and you will, wear from day to night. Forever. We know a good wrap dress is everlasting like a good batik. How about both?
Made in a lighter fabric, Lestari Wrap Dress falls to accentuate your waist, your neckline, and all your good parts no matter how you are feeling that day. 
Available in a lighter cotton ("Katun Paris") and Naturally-Dyed Silk. Handstamped batik technique: Real Batik, Nothing Less. 

Currently available dresses are good for UK sizes 4-12, but pre-orders are open all-year long. 
Also available in silk.

Bettr Values
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aNERDstore ensures their creations are made using fabrics that are original creations of the traditional methods: handstamped (batik cap) or hand-drawn (batik tulis) so that their customers benefits from having long-lasting quality pieces. Because real Batik does not fade; it ages gracefully.

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Committed to ethical practices and responsible consumption, aNERDstore works with textile artists and clothiers across Java, Indonesia, to help hone their skills while systematically encouraging sustainable practices in the long run.

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