Face Masks - Purple


Bettr Values

Our artisan partner in Guatemala needed our help for donation of funds to help provide support bags for the weavers.  Each bag supports a whole family for one week. 
These beautiful face masks  are zero waste and have been created to help provide the empoverished region during the CV19 crisis. 

Fair Trade 
Hand Made 
Back Strap Weaving Method that is indigenous to these Guatemalan communities 
Green Gaea is helping to provide funds for 49 weavers & their families during this time 
Zero Waste 
Supporting women and helping keep employment from home

Bettr Values
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Green Gaea is committed to finding goods made using local and organic products.

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Green Gaea is committed to ensuring that workers are paid fair wages for the products made, and their artisans are working in a safe and clean environment, where people are respected and treated fairly. This often means that their artisan partners are using the money for education and upskilling to start their own businesses and are empowered to do so with them.

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