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The mythical and powerful Rajawali (Phoenix) needs no introduction. Across ancient empires from Majapahit to the Qin dynasty, it is an emblem for the mighty and valorous. In Javanese batik, deep blue and brown earthy hues is synonymous with a humble, calm and sentimental trait. The message: a deep respect for a leader brave enough to make things better but considers the feelings of his/her people before taking action.
Four regal phoenixes are hand drawn in various positions across the entire length of this batik piece — some seen to be flying, some stationary, set in a sanctuary of enchanted flora. Their proportions are immaculate, with gold hues bringing a three-dimensional experience when this artwork is viewed in full.


Time taken to make: 3 months. Historically in Java and Bali, a type of batik called batik perada was decorated with real gold dust and was an obsession of the courts and aristocrats. What looks like gold here is a clever mix of natural dyes to resemble the allure of gold and is a trade secret of our artisans. Batik made by women artisans in Central Java. 

Other things you should know

Exclusive, only one piece available.
Comes gift ready and packaged in our custom gift box and tissue.

Textile measures 2.4m x 1m.
Base of batik is primissima cotton, with a thread count of 100% cotton.
Textile is drawn and dyed by batik artisans, minor inconsistencies are to be expected. However this is what makes each piece unique.

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Bettr Values
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Gypsied supports rural communities in South East Asia where textiles continue to be a vital form of expression and textile-making a way of life. Through their work, they aim to both maintain the region's collective heritage and contribute to a sustainable standard of living for artisans. Gypsied works closely with textile artisans, textile cooperatives and expert craftsmen. They believe in fair trade, choosing to work with partners who embody the same values.
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