The Cocoon Dress | Dewi


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The lifecycle of a butterfly sees the cocoon as a period of rest and transformation. Designed to envelope the wearer in comfort and assurance, the Cocoon Dress is our expression for this season. We are taking it as a time to remake, and we are going all in.

The Cocoon Dress is truly multi-faceted — featuring a detachable obi belt, deep pockets and buttoned v-neck back for reversibility. A curved silhouette that tapers at the hem hangs flatteringly on the body, thanks to the drape of finely woven cotton.

Work, lounge or play this adaptable piece makes it easy for you to be you, whatever your mood.

Bettr Values
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Gypsied supports rural communities in South East Asia where textiles continue to be a vital form of expression and textile-making a way of life. Through their work, they aim to both maintain the region's collective heritage and contribute to a sustainable standard of living for artisans. Gypsied works closely with textile artisans, textile cooperatives and expert craftsmen. They believe in fair trade, choosing to work with partners who embody the same values.
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