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Think these shoes are cute?

Yups! We think so too! And we deliberately made them versatile and timeless, so they can stay part of your wardrobe for multiple seasons!
From matching jeans to dresses, you could pretty much wear these everyday for a whole week!
And the 5 dots are super cute right? They're inspired by children's connect-the-dots activity books, because we want to connect a community.

And just how comfortable are these shoes?

SUPER COMFORTABLE! The insoles are squishy yet supportive with arch support, and layered with a sheet of natural cork to keep your feet feeling fresh.
Don’t just take our word for it though, check out the verified customer reviews below.

So why are these shoes “Guilt-Free”?

We're glad you asked!
Well there are 3 key reasons:

Use Sustainable Materials
Employ an Ethical Supply Chain
Give Back to the Community - specifically to young victims of human-trafficking (learn more here)

So they’re a pair of shoes that not only comforts your feet, but also your mind and conscience? Sign me up!

The nitty gritty – what the shoes are made of

Upcycled leather - derived from discarded leather trimmings, maintaining the premium look & feel of genuine leather

Upcycled plastic - every pair recycles 5 post-consumer plastic bottles, including the shoelaces!

Tencel™ fiber lining - known for their softness & sustainable features

Natural Cork insole layer - naturally anti-bacterial, anti-odour & sweat-wicking
Supremely padded variable density insole with arch-support - for unparalleled comfort & support

Natural rubber compound sole - maximising durability & comfort

Bettr Values
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Outer Lacess uses GRS Certified Recycled Leather (>50%), where discarded leather trimmings or scraps are mixed with post-consumer recycled plastic and regenerated into a new piece of leather in a solvent-free, 95% closed-loop process.
Lining The lining is made from Tencel™, a fibre derived from wood pulp of responsibly managed forests and produced in a closed loop process.
Sole The insole is made from cork, a natural material, and the outsole from natural rubber compound.

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Lacess uses only GRS Certified Recycled Leather (>50%), where discarded leather trimmings or scraps are regenerated into a new piece of leather. No virgin leather is used.

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