NOUVELLE Creme Nude Shorts

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NOUVELLE | About Her

NOUVELLE is casual luxury, understated yet elegant . She’s that go-to classic you can wear to lounge in for stay home date night, for a poolside gathering with friends, or a lunch date at your favourite brunch restaurant. She embodies what we believe in, that the future is female, and it has never looked better.

We imagine NOUVELLE with you at any occasion that calls for class and elegance, because she has four beautiful style variations, all in one top. The waist straps are elastic and slightly adjustable to give room for any slight variation in sizing, so she stays in your wardrobe for a long time.

Our beautiful NOUVELLE is made with Tencel and 100% plant based, which is biodegradable. Tencel fibres are derived from Eucalyptus wood and meticulously sourced from well-managed and controlled forests. Each pound Tencel produced uses 80% less water to produce, another reason why we love this soft, lightweight material.

All our pieces are handmade by a small local community in Denpasar, who are paid well in excess of the market average, to better improve their living standards and quality of life. We pledge to give 5% of our profits back to a charity supporting the environment, because “why give 1% for the planet when you can give 5%?”

Bettr Values
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Mind the Label uses fabrics that are from natural plant-based fibres, biodegradable and renewable. Some favourite materials are TENCEL™ lyocell, hemp, linen, organic cotton, and cupro.

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Mind the Label has agreed working terms and conditions in place to ensure that their makers are paid fairly and respectably; that any extra work is compensated; and that the work environment is a healthy, clean, and conducive. Mind the Label works with small communities in Denpasar, Indonesia, as this proximity makes it easy to work closely with the makers.

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Mind the Label is a 100% plant-based, vegan brand.

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