Square Scarf in Picchu Red


Bettr Values

Designed by the artisans and made using the traditional Kalamkari process, this striking tribal inspired scarf is named Picchu after the mountain peaks it calls to mind. The natural deep red dye is made by boiling alum with alizarin, creating a rich amber hue on organic cotton. Black comes from iron boiled in pomegranate.

The Kalamkari art form is a traditional technique that involves 23 intricate steps. “One day, one process”, our makers say, taking the time to achieve maximum colour richness and fastness using natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin and theirs. This stunning scarf will enliven a simple black or beige outfit, and can be used as a head wrap too. We recommend folding it diagonally for styling around the neck.
Size: 110cm x 110cm / 43" X 43"

Bettr Values
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Fabrics & dyes NOST chooses raw fabrics that are produced and sourced sustainably, to reduce environmental impact in the farming and washing processes. They favour 100% organic cotton, handloom cotton, and deadstock fabric. The dyes used in their block-printing processes are either completely natural, made from plant bark, fruits, roots and iron crystals, or eco-friendly azo-free dyes which allow a wider variety of hues.
Production NOST designs each piece to be seasonless, refining the cut and details so they can be comfortably worn again and again.

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NOST chooses to work with heritage craft artisan families and vulnerable communities in their making process, seeking to present their skills and talents to the world. They visit their makers a few times a year, partnering them to create beautiful, sustainable fabrics. This is done with 3 aims in mind:
1. Preserving craft heritage
2. Growing their Sewing For Impact (SFI) Community
3. Providing Safe & Fair Employment

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