Stara Robe in Modular Black


Bettr Values

One of our favourites – this bold, modern Modular print was inspired by the sharp facets of a metabolist building in Singapore. The monochromatic motif is imprinted on organic cotton, and block-printed by hand using completely natural dyes. Which means it’s gentle and safe for the makers’ skin and also yours! Accented by a mustard yellow lapel, this Stara Robe in Modular Black can be styled over a black top and pants for a day out in the city, or over swimwear for your resort lounge afternoon.

The specks and grains give depth to this piece – a natural outcome of the Kalamkari block printing technique, a traditional and fading craft practised by a skilled artisan family from their village home. This time-consuming technique involves twenty three steps including boiling, washing, and printing using various natural ingredients. The colours are a result of natural chemical reactions – black, for instance, comes from iron boiled with pomegranate. Cotton for this mustard lapel is also hand-loomed, which gives its distinctive weave texture. Comes with two pockets and a detachable waist belt.

Bettr Values
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Fabrics & dyes NOST chooses raw fabrics that are produced and sourced sustainably, to reduce environmental impact in the farming and washing processes. They favour 100% organic cotton, handloom cotton, and deadstock fabric. The dyes used in their block-printing processes are either completely natural, made from plant bark, fruits, roots and iron crystals, or eco-friendly azo-free dyes which allow a wider variety of hues.
Production NOST designs each piece to be seasonless, refining the cut and details so they can be comfortably worn again and again.

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NOST chooses to work with heritage craft artisan families and vulnerable communities in their making process, seeking to present their skills and talents to the world. They visit their makers a few times a year, partnering them to create beautiful, sustainable fabrics. This is done with 3 aims in mind:
1. Preserving craft heritage
2. Growing their Sewing For Impact (SFI) Community
3. Providing Safe & Fair Employment

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