Jenna Midi Dress


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The Jenna Midi Dress is a go to wardrobe staple that's double lined in our super soft bamboo fibre, adding an extra layer for the perfect slim fit silhouette. Ultra soft with extra stretch.  Square back and neckline. Invisible zipper at centre back. Rests just below the knee.

Our signature bamboo fibre is gentle on your skin and kinder to the planet.

Bettr Values
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Fabrics SANS FAFF uses bamboo rayon extensively in their products. Bamboo is a renewable natural resource that grows rapidly; needs very little water, fertilizer, or pesticides; and sequesters a large amount of carbon dioxide. They are also in the midst of phasing out their use of conventional rayon.
Production SANS FAFF focuses on producing limited pieces at limited quantities to preserve resources and avoid waste.
Packaging All of SANS FAFF's packaging and hang tags are made from recyclable Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and their mailer bags are biodegradable. Plastic is not used in their packaging, nor in their production or final products.

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In order to have full oversight of their production, all of SANS FAFF's pieces are responsibly made in Singapore by a local family-run business in a Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) industrial estate. JTC strives to provide safe working conditions and enforces strict tenancy guidelines that provide clean working conditions, structural safety, fire protection, energy savings and accessibility requirements.

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SANS FAFF is a vegan brand.

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