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Bettr Values

A basic essential to any wardrobe, elongated soft upper that follow the curves of your feet. These will pair beautifully with any outfit you have, let it take you places. Straps should feel tight and snug when new but will stretch to follow the curves of your individual foot perfectly. Genuine leather soles that will follow the shape of your feet with time and naturally develop a beautiful darker patina with use. This item has a narrow fit. Due to the handmade nature of this product, items may vary slightly.

Bettr Values
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Fabrics Step of Grace uses linen, a low-impact fibre, and GOTS-certified organic cotton extensively in their products.
Packaging Step of Grace uses fully biodegradable and home-compostable waterproof wrappings made from cassava for their clothing pieces, and natural handmade papers made out of banana tree fiber for their tags and cards. Shipping is done in compostable cardboard boxes, and boxes are sealed using water-activated paper tapes. For footwear, they forgo the use of boxes and opt for reusable calico dust bags instead.

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Step of Grace is committed to not work with sweatshops or child labors, and to never resort to unethical production practices.

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