Water Lily

BRAND PARTNER: The Handmade Romantics

Bettr Values

The Batik heels are back by popular demand! These are the Water Lily Batik Heels, featuring a vintage batik cap motif, the batik heels also use the hook strap mechanism, which means they are super easy to put on and take off. Heel height 5.5cm and uses anti-slip soles.

Bettr Values
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Packaging The Handmade Romantics try to use sustainable packaging whenever possible. Their shoes and bags come in brown, recyclable boxes adorned with their simple brand name. They are also exploring other sustainable packaging materials in a bid to refine their packaging strategy.

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The Handmade Romantics work with traditional craftsmen and women in rural regions of Indonesia to help preserve these heritage skills and allow them to continue their crafts. They also partner with NGOs working with disadvantaged communities, such as women survivors of sex trade and children with disabilities. This helps provide these communities with a new chance at life, while also accommodating and providing education to these individuals to help them build skills needed to be productive members of the society.
For their popular Auntie Chic bags, The Handmade Romantics work with traditional weavers, who are usually housewives in remote villages in Indonesia. Weaving from home allows them to earn a side income while taking care of their families.

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