Turtle - Black


Bettr Values

Ahh, the Turtle.  Good choice.
Biodegradable and compostable bio-acetate frame
UV400 lens protection (100% UVA & UVB)
Multi-barrel hinges
Recycled case
Handmade just for you

Bettr Values
Shop Bettr icon - earth friendly Earth friendly
Truth&All frames are made from bio-based acetate, which biodegrades under compost conditions. They offer a return and rewards policy, where your frames are biodegraded and recycled for you at their end-of-life.
Truth&all also works with The Sea Monkey Project to fund a buy-back scheme for local villagers in Malaysia collect broken fishing nets from the oceans in return for monetary compensation.

Shop Bettr icon - people friendly People friendly
All frames are hand-made, ensuring the eyewear craft remains. Truth&All has partnered with a family-run, socially responsible business in Greece to create their products.

Shop Bettr icon - people friendly Animal friendly
Truth&All only uses recycled leather for their eyewear case's strap; no other animal products are used or will be considered for use. They are currently exploring alternatives to the leather strap.

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