Zeya Bead Cluster Necklace

BRAND PARTNER: Our Barehands

Bettr Values
Length: 30cm (when hooked)
Locally-sourced, hand cut-like dyed beads, rustic silver ball and rope

The Hands Behind
Crafted by Eh Wah & Artisans in Yangon, Myanmar
Every piece has been skilfully crafted by the hands of women personally trained by Eh Wah; many of whom were unable to find employment because of their health condition.

Our Zeya Bead Cluster necklace features a joining of multiple beads strung together with a rope hook, while characterized by a rustic silver ball at its end. The ornament symbolizes strength in the midst of adversity. Hand-beaded using a mishmash of hand cut-like beads, it is sure to lift any outfit in an instant.
As each hand-beaded piece is handmade, slight differences may occur.
Bettr Values
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At Barehands, they find great joy in uncovering beauty in every pair of hands. By growing alongside small-producing communities around the world, they create lifestyle pieces that are versatile and skilfully handcrafted to make a statement - for your style, and for their artisans' good.
They’re committed to building strong and sustainable communities over time, celebrating the remarkable artistry or skill their artisans hold, ones that may have gone unnoticed in the global market. They also encourage artisan ownership because they believe that their craft, their dreams and their lives, belong to each of them.
Our Barehands takes time and effort to connect resources, and re-invests into their artisans by connecting them to a network of resources that includes up-skilling and trainings by like-minded individuals and brands.

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