Reversible Tank Dress Olive


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Love our classic Tank Dress? Good news, we've brought in a new incarnation! Sleek and sophisticated, the Reversible Tank Dress promises the easy wearability of our old Tank Dress with the added versatility of being able to wear this back to front. Features a V Neckline on one side and a scoop neckline on the other so you get double the wear options in one snazzy piece.
Composition: 95% Bamboo 5% Spandex.

LIQUIDATION SALE, No exchange or refund.

Bettr Values
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Fabrics & dyes Zhai has always used only OEKO-TEX certified fabrics of natural sources for their apparels, eliminating all synthetic fibres. Fabrics are only dyed with azo-free or vegetable dyes, and sourced from responsible suppliers with a closed-loop system.
Packaging Zhai moved to reusable ziplock-type garment bags in 2016, and reuse packaging material and boxes multiple times. They also consolidate orders to minimise their transport footprint.

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Zhai prioritises small family-owned factories with decent working conditions, making sure to always source from responsible suppliers. They are focused on creating products that have a direct social impact on the artisans.
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Zhai eliminated all animal-sourced materials in 2013.

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